Postpartum: Compression Garments

This is a totally diff topic than I have ever done before but It came highly requested. I recently asked on instagram for some suggestions on what to wear once my baby is out. I didn’t wear anything with Olive and regretted it. This time I want to do it different hopefully it won’t be too late.

Here are the results from my question on Instagram:

Faja: This was the number one response from the mammas that did respond. I have linked one for you here. However a tip I got from a friend was wait till you have the baby so you can make sure it is the right size.

Until then she recommended asking the nurses for one of the c-section wraps and if they do not give it to you this is the one she said to order 3 in 1 postpartum support or ProCare Premium Binder. These are what worked for them and not sure if it will work for everyone.

This Moves by Melissa one was also recommended by a few moms. However at the moment it is sold out. I was told she restocks often. When I went on the website I saw the Body-ody Bikers too. It seems like same concept as the Faja.

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Hello Again!

A lot has changed since my last post. I am doing a quick little hello again. I have to say in the stages of this pregnancy I am missing my old self a lot more and with that I am missing blogging. I don’t even know if anyone even blogs anymore. I however never did this for anyone else but myself and I think I will try to do it again. I have a few post already ready for everyone but they won’t publish for a week or so. I just wanted to say hello! We are due with out second baby girl in September and yes I know I look like I am ready to give birth today but nope another 8 weeks!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. I will be back later this week with a what I am packing in my hospital bag post. See you then!

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Friday Faves: Home workout Edition

Hey love bugs,

Since gyms are still closed in most states I couldn’t wait anymore so I decided to buy a few things for my at home workouts. Here are my top 5!

1.Stepper: I got this idea from my friend who was raving about it. I have to say it kicks your butt! You really get a great workout on this thing. I found two workouts from the company a Full Body & a HIIT that use this machine. At first you do not think you are even doing anything and then YOU FEEL IT! I also added my own weights workout – it’s an intense 40 mins let me tell you! That is all the time I can really give to a work out because Olive’s napping, showering and life.

2.Weights: This is another purchase my friend told me to add to my workout and boy oh boy does it kill! I bought mine at Five Below for $5 each. However, if you can’t get to a store I have linked two different ones. Here & Here.

3. Sweat Belt: My favorite as of right now is this Shape by Ruby one. I just checked and it is sold out but I am sure it will be back in stock. The reason I loved it was because it made me sweat so much. It was wonderful. I also love the Sweet Sweat one I purchased on Amazon. To be totally honest even the ones I purchased at Five Below work great – I know it is just water weight but I SWEAR BY IT. It helped my stomach go down so much right before my wedding and now.

4. Adidas Cloud foam sneakers: I am not one to really ask about work out shoes however the only ones I found to feel comfortable are these. My big issues is no matter which or how expensive I buy them they always end up hurting me. I think because most my life I wore high heels so my feet are just not use to it. The sneakers work do not do that. Again, don’t come for me if they do not work for you or your trainer yells at you for wearing them.

5. Work out leggings: I get most of my work out gear form Tj Maxx or Marshalls to be honest however these 90 degree leggings are freaking awesome. I got them in two different lengths long and capri. I prefer capri when I work out for some reason.

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Arbonne Experience

This is the dress I have in my closet to motivate me to stick with the diet!

Hey love bugs,

So if you follow me on instagram (you should if you’re not I am kinda funny or so I have been told lol ) I talked about going on a new weight loss journey and I was going to start Arbonne 30 day of healthy living. That was May 25th today is July 9th. I started round 2 of the diet yesterday. This post was suppose to go up last week or even yesterday but life.

A little about it:

It’s a 30 day plan to restart your body. You can’t eat dairy or gluten. You can’t drink wine or coffee and everything has to be clean and organic. I am not an expert on the diet I just did what I was told and below I will tell you all about what I went through. Also I do not sell it nor have received anything to talk about it. It came out of my own pocket for it. If you want to know more you can reach out to my friend Marjeta she knows way more than me and sells the stuff. Again NO ONE PAID ME OR GAVE ME ANYTHING FOR THIS. All my own money.

My experience:

I lost 14 lbs. I could’ve lost more but the that week I went to NY and well WHO CAN SAY NO TO NY PIZZA. It also was Olive’s birthday and father’s day. So I ate and drank plenty of not approved stuff. However, its been 2 weeks I did gain back 2lbs because I reverted back to my old way of eating. I am also paying for it in so many other ways. I couldn’t wait to start again because I felt like complete crap.

The diet sounds alot harder than it actually is to be honest. I thought I would miss cheese, coffee and wine. I didn’t – I honest to God did not. Every morning I woke up to have my Tizzy (tea and fizz stick it comes with the plan) I would get excited I loved the taste of it all. Instead of 4 or 5 cups of coffee I had just the tizzy. If i wanted a pick me up in the middle of the day I would put a fizz in water and drink that and it would help.

Sleeping & Anxiety:

During these Covid times I have been sleeping like total crap and from what I have heard from friends I am not alone. Since starting Arbonne I have been sleeping better and my anxiety had been better. I didn’t even realize that the caffeine I was drinking was the culprit of my anxiety until after the diet was done and I was like let me have a Red bull. Man oh Man was that a terrible lesson learned. I had the worst day ever after that. Anxiety on an all time high and just a disaster. Now I am petrified to even have a cup of coffee haha


I was never ever hungry on this diet. The shakes I drank with the snacks and dinner kept me satisfied all day. See you’re allowed to eat brown rice and sweet potatoes something I was never allowed to eat on any other diet I did and that to me was fabulous.

I didn’t crave sugary food either come to think of it. I was allowed to eat fruit (berries and green apples) so that must’ve filled that void if I had one I am not sure. As I said before I didn’t miss cheese until I got to NY and had a regular slice of cheese pizza. I also didn’t miss bread. The thing that shocked me is all the things I didn’t miss as you can tell by how many times I said it haha.

Doing it again?

YOU BET! I started yesterday. Today is day 2 and already I feel better. Over the holiday weekend, before and after it too I didn’t eat good at all. Like I knew what I was doing but I kept doing it what is wrong with me? Even my husband was like you’re much happier when you’re doing Arbonne. I get less stressed, less anxious, less all the bad things. Eating crap makes your body feel like crap mentally and physically. I think but I am not sure this might be a life long thing with me. I THINK! Would you like me to do a post of what I eat while on this diet? Let me know in the comments.

Olive turns 2!

Dear Love Bugs,

My baby girl is 2 today! When people say time flies by they aren’t kidding. How was it two years I first help her in my arms, saw her big brown eyes (that were blue at the time), felt her touch. It feels like yesterday and also a lifetime ago. I do not know what my life was like before her anymore and I love it. My kid is literally the reason I breath and lose sleep at night haha. In two years I have learned so much about myself that I never knew GOOD AND BAD. As cliche as this sounds and I do not even care SHE MAKES ME WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON. She makes me a better person. She is the reason I am even a person.

I thank God everyday all day for making me her mamma. I do not think I deserve her but my goodness am I glad he entrusted me with such a spectacular human! I will keep on doing my best to help her grow as a good person. I am not going to share all about Olive because that is between us but just know SHE IS FREAKING FABULOUS, SPUNKY and AMAZING!

Being a former stylist I jump at any oppurtinity to style a photoshoot. So for her 2nd bday I decided to go with a Tea for 2 theme. I was changing out her closet and bringing in clothes that didn’t fit her yet and I saw this beautiful vintage dress she was given as a gift by family and BAM THAT WAS MY THEME. I am so happy I went with that because she had so much fun!

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Friday Faves: Backyard Fun for Toddlers under $50.

Dear Love bugs,

Today I want to talk all about Backyard fun for toddlers. Since we are all going to be spending our days at home for a little bit longer I figured this was the perfect start to my Friday faves. I picked my top five favorite things- best part is they are all under $50.

In my many years of parenting expertise aka 2 just 2 – I have quickly come to the conclusion that every kid loves to be outside. If it was up to Ollie we would never come inside as my neighbors can attest. She screams bloody murder when it is time to come in. However in Michigan it just now starting to get better and I am so happy. Mother Nature finally decided to let us enjoy something out of life haha. We are already stuck in hell from Covid and the fact that the weather took extra long to be normal was really weighing on my sanity. Any who Let us talk about fun things! Here are my TOP 5 UNDER $50: (it’s actually more than 5)

  1. Be Good Company Sandbox: Bring the beach to your backyard with this sandbox not only looks fun but its super affordable and comes in a few days with prime. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Ollie playing in hers.
  1. Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk: I don’t know if your kid is like mine but Olive just loves chalk. At home we even made a cabinet into a chalk board for her. So when I showed her we could write on our driveway SHE WAS IN HEAVEN!

There is just something with kids and water! The next three items will all use water for fun!

  1. Step 2 Springtime Splash Water Table: This will for sure keep your little one entertained for a long long time and you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Here is a picture of Ollie Playing with her version last year. I didn’t link that one because it is not under $50.
  1. Bubble Anything: Play Day Bubble Mower & Light Up Bubble Machine It’s bubbles – who doesn’t love bubbles. However with these two toys and toys similar your toddler wont spill the bottle in 2 seconds and then cry. Also bottles of bubbles come so cheap I have seen them at the dollar tree or target for a buck so you can keep filling the machine over and over again. Olive loves pushing the mower and she loves go nuts trying to pop the bubbles from the machine.
  1. Inflatable Pool from Intext: They have so many different ones and most of them are all under $40. I got two last year for Olive and she couldn’t even walk yet but enjoyed it so much. You could also get a kiddie pool I obviously couldn’t take a picture of her in it this year because it has yet to be pool weather – hopefully this week but Michigan is very touchy. haha You can tell her excitement in this picture.

I would also like to add an honorable mention:A kiddie pool. They are so cheap I found two different ones here and here. hope this helps you guys make staying at home a little better. If you do not have a backyard I do recommend a water table and bubbles. You can use the water table for all sorts of sensory activities if you look it up on Pinterest.

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Monday Motivation: I am back! For real this time

Dear Love Bugs,

I know I took a long long super long break from blogging. The last post I did was Olives Baptism part 1 I didn’t even do the part 2. This time the longest I ever have. We all know that ever since I became pregnant with Olive I have been struggling with getting my mojo back. Everyone told me it would take time a few people even said it would take 2 years. I would look at them like what do you mean I need to feel like myself RIGHT NOW! Low and behold we are coming up to her second birthday and here I am starting to feel like myself!

A few days ago while discussing my friend Susan’s business webpage (she’s an event planner – check out her site here and instagram here– yup that’s a shameless plug for my friend hahah) with her all of a sudden I got a rush of ideas and the need to do them. So, with Ollie on my lap (she is currently sitting on my lap as I type this) I dusted off my laptop and signed into my site. It had been so long since I signed in they changed the whole set up that I was so confused I had to call someone to help me figure out how!

Had to add a pic of my family 🙂

Where do we go from here:

So, here we are a Monday motivation for ya! The day after Mother’s Day felt fitting to start this up again. I have changed tremendously since that girl who use to blog about shoes. The blog will not just be about clothes and shoes anymore but more about my life now. What interest me now. Being a mom is a huge part of it it wont be all of it but it’s a big part! To be totally honest I wondered if it was even worth it . . . is blogging dead? will anyone stick around? Then I thought – Let’s face it I never did this for anyone else but myself. What you can look for now is 2/3 post a week about mom life, hacks, cleaning, style and TODDLER LIFE!

Currently I am working out a schedule- what I am thinking goes as follows:

Monday: Motivation of any sort may it be cleaning, DIY, Room reveals etc.

Wednesday: Will be my style days. We all know I could never stop posting about style.

Friday: I will be doing Friday Faves like most bloggers do. Probably stick to a theme each week.

I have already worked on a few post that will go up later this week and next. Hopefully if you are reading this you will stick around and maybe I can give you a few ideas and you can give me a few. I love to interact in the comments or send me a DM on instgram. You can find that here.

Cheers to Monday and getting back in this!

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Ollie’s Baptism Part 1

Hello Love Bugs,

I took the fabric from my wedding dress and made it into her baptism dress. Let’s face it – she isn’t going to wear my dress. Who knows what the style will be or if she will fit in it. This however she can use even on her own babies. I did not come up with this idea to clarify I read it on facebook haha. LUCKILY! I have to take a minute to thank Zena (Sorry if I misspelled your name) from Zeeg Baby for making Ollie the dress of my dreams! It is so beautiful and well made I can not praise her enough. She was also very professional and worked quickly.

From this!
To This:
Dress: Zeegbaby Cross: Gift from her Nunni Rosary: Gift from her Nunna
Her Nunni holding her during her baptism – I love how she looks at him! She already loves him so much.
Her Nunna – She also adores her Nunna so much.
As you can tell she was so over taking pictures!
Close up of her gifts from her Godparents minus her diamond earrings from Nunna because she’s wearing them.

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of Olive and her fabulous dress! Part 2 will be of our small family gathering and Ollie’s party dress.

Friday Faves: Travel Bag/Diaper Bag

Hello Love Bugs,

Coat: Target Bag: Gaston Luga Boots: Old & I can’t find similar Glasses: Old simliar

Today I am here to do a Friday Fave! I must must talk about this amazing bag I received c/o Gaston Luga. They reached out to me and I was actually in need of a new bag. Little did I know this bag would be everything I needed. I do no think they thought I would mostly use it as a diaper bag when they asked but I do. I actually use it as a regular bag as well. I love that it can go from my everyday bag to my diaper bag in a few seconds.

I wanted to wear it for a little before I spoke about it and a few days ago on my instagram stories I went into details. I saved it as a highlight. What I really love about this bag is the ease and how much it fits. On my recent trip to New York with my baby I as able to fit all her things and some of mine. Some of her items included diapers, 2 or 3 changes of clothing, grip water, bottle, hand sanitizer, wipes, boogie wipes, dreft to go pen, FORMULA etc. -I’m a new mom I carry too much stuff I KNOW! So if I am telling you it holds a lot IT HOLDS A LOT! Another thing I loved was its ease of opening and accessibility of the things inside. I could open and grab everything while holding Ollie who is at the very squirmy stage.

It as snowing when I took these pictures that is why you see the dots on the bag.

Now for the fun part! I have a coupon code for you!! The people at Gaston Luga were kind enough to offer my love bugs 15% off! Just use the code Lifeisjustrosie at checkout.

Now I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

As Always,

I’m back!

Well Hello there!

Earrings: H&M similar Sweater: Forever 21 Old similar Jeggings: GAP

Long time no talk. Where have I been? Well lets give you the super speed version of it. . . I HAD A BABY! Her name is Olive Grace and she’s 8 months old today! So that means she was born June 20, 2018. She is a little thing always has been even though everyone swore I was having a 10 lb baby. NOPE THAT WAS JUST FAT! She was born 6 lbs 14 oz. Obviously she is bigger now but not by much haha! She little like her Mamma!

Romper : Bailey’s Blossoms Bow: Target similar also similar

It has taken me about 8 months to wrap my head around it I think. Hahaha I started this blog years ago and it was all about shoes and clothes. Now let’s face it I spend a lot of my time in leggings and t shirts, I even bought a pair of UGGs! I forgot how comfortable they are and when you are running out of the house pretty damn convenient. Any who I digress – I still dress human when I leave the house but my days mostly consist of taking care of this little Olive of mine. Now to discuss my blog, read below!

What I am hoping to bring to the blog?

Fashion & Fitness: I still do plan on doing styled shoots. Maybe Ideas for new moms with new mom bod! I also plan on bringing you along with my weight loss journey. DO NOT GET IT TWISTED though I will not be disclosing my weight until the end – I am not that girl. Hopefully I will lose weight though so I can say hey this is what I weighed, this is what I did to get to here, and this is what I wore during it.

The hair had to go up because BABIES LOVE TO PULL THINGS! OWWW!

DIY & Decor: I plan on showing more DIY. If you do not already know my husband and I are obsessed with redoing things in our house and I am forever changing my mind. My husband owns his own construction company AMIC Home Improvements (you can see how talented he is on his instagram linked here)so I take full advantage of his skill. I design he creates.

Mommyhood: Well I am a new mom I don’t know shit! What I do know I will share. What works for Ollie & I may not work for you but I will share it. I will share all about my little Olive what she likes and doesn’t like. What has worked and what was a waste of time and money FOR US.

I love her so much. She is such a trooper- she always lets me do these photo shoots and never cries. I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much! Everyday I love her more and more!

Michigan: Spring is coming and I plan on going to a lot more places in this still very new to me state. Summer in Michigan is awesome there is so much to do or so I have heard. I was super pregnant and then brand new baby last summer so I was locked in my house for the most part. NOT THIS YEAR I WILL HAVE A 1 year old! Wow how fast time goes by hopefully by next winter I will be able to do winter things.

Now my Love Bugs I hope you still join me on this little adventure we call life! So stay tuned! Wondering what happened to all my other post? I HAVE NO IDEA! I am still working on that but OH WELL! This blog is still a work in progress but if I didn’t do this now I never will. If you want to see my everyday follow me on Instagram. I have been told I am pretty funny. Is there something you really want me to share first LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS. As always Love you guys SO VERY MUCH!

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