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Hello Again!

A lot has changed since my last post. I am doing a quick little hello again. I have to say in the stages of this pregnancy I am missing my old self a lot more and with that I am missing blogging. I don’t even know if anyone even blogs anymore. I however never did this for anyone else but myself and I think I will try to do it again. I have a few post already ready for everyone but they won’t publish for a week or so. I just wanted to say hello! We are due with out second baby girl in September and yes I know I look like I am ready to give birth today but nope another 8 weeks!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. I will be back later this week with a what I am packing in my hospital bag post. See you then!

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Friday Faves: Home workout Edition

Hey love bugs,

Since gyms are still closed in most states I couldn’t wait anymore so I decided to buy a few things for my at home workouts. Here are my top 5!

1.Stepper: I got this idea from my friend who was raving about it. I have to say it kicks your butt! You really get a great workout on this thing. I found two workouts from the company a Full Body & a HIIT that use this machine. At first you do not think you are even doing anything and then YOU FEEL IT! I also added my own weights workout – it’s an intense 40 mins let me tell you! That is all the time I can really give to a work out because Olive’s napping, showering and life.

2.Weights: This is another purchase my friend told me to add to my workout and boy oh boy does it kill! I bought mine at Five Below for $5 each. However, if you can’t get to a store I have linked two different ones. Here & Here.

3. Sweat Belt: My favorite as of right now is this Shape by Ruby one. I just checked and it is sold out but I am sure it will be back in stock. The reason I loved it was because it made me sweat so much. It was wonderful. I also love the Sweet Sweat one I purchased on Amazon. To be totally honest even the ones I purchased at Five Below work great – I know it is just water weight but I SWEAR BY IT. It helped my stomach go down so much right before my wedding and now.

4. Adidas Cloud foam sneakers: I am not one to really ask about work out shoes however the only ones I found to feel comfortable are these. My big issues is no matter which or how expensive I buy them they always end up hurting me. I think because most my life I wore high heels so my feet are just not use to it. The sneakers work do not do that. Again, don’t come for me if they do not work for you or your trainer yells at you for wearing them.

5. Work out leggings: I get most of my work out gear form Tj Maxx or Marshalls to be honest however these 90 degree leggings are freaking awesome. I got them in two different lengths long and capri. I prefer capri when I work out for some reason.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Arbonne Experience

This is the dress I have in my closet to motivate me to stick with the diet!

Hey love bugs,

So if you follow me on instagram (you should if you’re not I am kinda funny or so I have been told lol ) I talked about going on a new weight loss journey and I was going to start Arbonne 30 day of healthy living. That was May 25th today is July 9th. I started round 2 of the diet yesterday. This post was suppose to go up last week or even yesterday but life.

A little about it:

It’s a 30 day plan to restart your body. You can’t eat dairy or gluten. You can’t drink wine or coffee and everything has to be clean and organic. I am not an expert on the diet I just did what I was told and below I will tell you all about what I went through. Also I do not sell it nor have received anything to talk about it. It came out of my own pocket for it. If you want to know more you can reach out to my friend Marjeta she knows way more than me and sells the stuff. Again NO ONE PAID ME OR GAVE ME ANYTHING FOR THIS. All my own money.

My experience:

I lost 14 lbs. I could’ve lost more but the that week I went to NY and well WHO CAN SAY NO TO NY PIZZA. It also was Olive’s birthday and father’s day. So I ate and drank plenty of not approved stuff. However, its been 2 weeks I did gain back 2lbs because I reverted back to my old way of eating. I am also paying for it in so many other ways. I couldn’t wait to start again because I felt like complete crap.

The diet sounds alot harder than it actually is to be honest. I thought I would miss cheese, coffee and wine. I didn’t – I honest to God did not. Every morning I woke up to have my Tizzy (tea and fizz stick it comes with the plan) I would get excited I loved the taste of it all. Instead of 4 or 5 cups of coffee I had just the tizzy. If i wanted a pick me up in the middle of the day I would put a fizz in water and drink that and it would help.

Sleeping & Anxiety:

During these Covid times I have been sleeping like total crap and from what I have heard from friends I am not alone. Since starting Arbonne I have been sleeping better and my anxiety had been better. I didn’t even realize that the caffeine I was drinking was the culprit of my anxiety until after the diet was done and I was like let me have a Red bull. Man oh Man was that a terrible lesson learned. I had the worst day ever after that. Anxiety on an all time high and just a disaster. Now I am petrified to even have a cup of coffee haha


I was never ever hungry on this diet. The shakes I drank with the snacks and dinner kept me satisfied all day. See you’re allowed to eat brown rice and sweet potatoes something I was never allowed to eat on any other diet I did and that to me was fabulous.

I didn’t crave sugary food either come to think of it. I was allowed to eat fruit (berries and green apples) so that must’ve filled that void if I had one I am not sure. As I said before I didn’t miss cheese until I got to NY and had a regular slice of cheese pizza. I also didn’t miss bread. The thing that shocked me is all the things I didn’t miss as you can tell by how many times I said it haha.

Doing it again?

YOU BET! I started yesterday. Today is day 2 and already I feel better. Over the holiday weekend, before and after it too I didn’t eat good at all. Like I knew what I was doing but I kept doing it what is wrong with me? Even my husband was like you’re much happier when you’re doing Arbonne. I get less stressed, less anxious, less all the bad things. Eating crap makes your body feel like crap mentally and physically. I think but I am not sure this might be a life long thing with me. I THINK! Would you like me to do a post of what I eat while on this diet? Let me know in the comments.

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